Hospitals Safe from Floods

PAHO, 2006. (Only in Spanish) This book analyzes the more common effects of floods in health services, and provides technical recommendations to include prevention and mitigation measures for floods in health facilities.

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Spanish only

Hospital Care in Disaster Situations

39 slides
This slide set presents the main components of a hospital disaster plan. It outlines the steps that hospitals can take during the preparedness phase, the warning phase when the hospital plan is put into effect, and the emergency phase when disaster victims begin to arrive.

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Disaster Mitigation in Health Care Facilities

15 minutes
This DVD presents the Latin American and Caribbean countries’ existing vulnerability to disasters (especially earthquakes and hurricanes) and the advances achieved towards implementing appropriate mitigation measures. There is particular emphasis on the long road ahead to reducing health care facilities' extreme vulnerability and ensuring that they can continue to adequately function following a hurricane or earthquake.

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Principles of Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities

Mitigation series
PAHO, 2000. An update to earlier PAHO publications on disaster mitigation in health facilities, it has been revised to with a multidisciplinary focus. Figures and photographs illustrate situations that exacerbate disaster vulnerability and examples are given of how countries in Latin America have conducted vulnerability assessments and applied mitigation measures.

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Disaster Mitigation for Health Facilities

Guidelines for Vulnerability Appraisal and Reduction in the Caribbean
Based on the Caribbean experience these guides intend to show an analysis of the vulnerability of the health care facilities and how to apply mitigation measures. Although directed toward health personnel in hospitals and health centers, the guides are written in generalized language to be easily comprehensible. 

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Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities

This CD contains the main training materials--books and PowerPoint graphic presentations--that PAHO/WHO has published on disaster mitigation in health facilities. It is designed as a simple web page and can be used with any personal computer (although we recommend at a minimum a Pentium 1 processor or the equivalent, with hard drive capacity of 40 Mb). 

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Protecting New Health Facilities from Natural Disasters

This publication is an overview of the Guidelines for Vulnerability Reduction in the Design of New Health Facilities and includes recommendations on how to promote their use among national authorities, planners and financing agencies involved in the development of these projects. It emphasizes the substantial social and economic benefits of applying disaster mitigation measures to the design, planning and construction of health facilities. Equally important, it describes how to apply these measures to achieve protection levels that not only ensure human safety but also the security of infrastructure and the continuity of services.

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Guidelines for Vulnerability Reduction in the Design of New Health Facilities

This publication shows the most important mitigation measures that need to be included in the design, planning and construction of health facilities, so that lives and the investment are protected, and services continue during disasters. 

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Safe Hospitals - A Collective Responsibility

A Global Measure of Disaster Reduction
PAHO, 2005. This short advocacy publication makes the case for why global attention should focus on safeguarding hospitals and health facilities from disasters. From a health, social and economic point of view, safe hospitals are essential to meeting the Millenium Development Goals.

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