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Earthquake in Peru leaves a population without access to health care

In just two minutes, the city of Pisco, Peru lost 97% of its hospital beds to the August 2007 earthquake. Click below to view a slide show--a reminder of why PAHO/WHO Member States are working to reduce vulnerability in all health facilities.

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Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities - Non-structural Aspects

42 slides - in Spanish only
This presentation analyzes mitigation aspects in non-structural elements (partitions, windows, ceilings); those with essential functions, such as communications networks, gas, water, electricity; and all the hospital equipment and supplies. 

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Earthquakes and Hospitals 2: Risk Reduction

This program shows actions that nedd to be taken to mitigate earthquake risk in order to reduce hospital vulnerability. 

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In Spanish only

Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities - Structural Aspects

 42 slides - in Spanish only
This presentation is focused on seismic risk; it is a practical information resource on the basic aspects of disaster mitigation in health facilities, particularly their structural components (those that keep the building standing, such as columns, beams, walls, tiles and foundations).

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Disaster Mitigation in Health Facilities

This CD contains the main training materials--books and PowerPoint graphic presentations--that PAHO/WHO has published on disaster mitigation in health facilities. It is designed as a simple web page and can be used with any personal computer (although we recommend at a minimum a Pentium 1 processor or the equivalent, with hard drive capacity of 40 Mb). 

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Earthquakes and Hospitals 1: Effects and Emergency Measures

29 slides - in Spanish only
General information about the effects of earthquakes in terms of loss of life, material losses and basic emergency measures that a hospital needs to take before a high-magnitude earthquake. 

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Hospital Safety

44 slides - in Spanish only
This program describes safety measures for hospitals and health centers in case of disaster. The script offers guidelines to initiate a safety plan for the hospital and describes the different areas that need to be covered. 

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Hospital Care in Disaster Situations

39 slides
This slide set presents the main components of a hospital disaster plan. It outlines the steps that hospitals can take during the preparedness phase, the warning phase when the hospital plan is put into effect, and the emergency phase when disaster victims begin to arrive.

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