Health and DRR Network

Health and Disaster Risk Reduction Network

Disasters are always a health issue, and ensuring the safety of health facilities is a key concern for disaster risk reduction.  Are you a health professional or a disaster risk reduction practitioner wanting to create space for information sharing and action on health facilities and disasters?  You can contribute to setting up and energizing the Health and Disaster Risk Reduction network, with the goal of making this issue a higher priority for governments, policy-makers, practitioners and communities.

A Health and Disaster Risk Reduction listserver has already been created. Join the list to connect and communicate with others working in health and disaster risk reduction, with a focus on safe hospitals.  You can use this online tool to help build a network around health as a thematic platform within the disaster risk reduction community, and to highlight disaster risk reduction issues within the health sector.

Join the Health and Disaster Risk Reduction List

Tip: to access the list-serve archives as well as just send and receive messages, get a list-serve password.

The Health and DRR list is hosted by PreventionWeb, the website of the disaster risk reduction community.